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Congenital Abnormalities

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Celossomia (Estrofossomia) » Abdomen Q79.5


Abdominal wall defects of other specified types neither omphalocele nor gastroschisis, as celossomia or estrofossomia, extense defects, absence of abdominal wall, etc.
Image 1
1. Left sided thoracoabdominal body wall defect, extruding liver, and intestines.
2. Thoraco-abdominal body wall defect with ectopia cordis, extruding liver and gut, and scoliosis.
3. Body stalk anomaly. Absent umbilical cord with viscera extruding through abdominal wall defect and covered with amnion.


They are abdominal wall defects of large extension, allowing the extrusion of almost all abdominal organs, hollow and solid organs, even the liver. It can be supra-, infra-, or para-umbilical, or of large extension involving the whole abdomen.