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Congenital Abnormalities

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Exstrophy of Cloaca » Anus Q89.8


The cloacal exstrophy [Q89.8] [No mention in CID10] there is a bladder exstrophy and in the middle of the exstrophy bladder (you can see two hemi-bladders) is also gutted the intestine, and rectal atresia / anal is a component almost always present.
In most cases (90%) is also omphalocele.
A further complicated distinction is the one between exstrophy of cloaca and persistent cloaca [Q43.7].
Exstrophy of cloaca is not mentioned in ICD10, thus forcing us to code it as "other congenital malformation" Q98.8.
However, ICDX-BPA (*) specifies exstrophy of cloaca as Q64.10 by adding a fifth digit to the code.
(*) ICD-BPA10 is an extension of the ICD10, carried out by the British Pediatric Association.
SEE ALSO Q64.1, Q87.8, Q43.7.



Photos 1 and 2 two cases with Exstrophy of Cloaca.