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Congenital Abnormalities

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Pilonidal defects » Dorsal region L05 - Q82.-


Sinus, fistula, cyst, appendix or other skin defect in the sacro-coccygeal region, Pilo-nidal means "hair nest" and it says nothing of its location. However its use in medicine is limited to the sacro-coccygeal situation.
Their presence is asymptomatic and is treated only when is infected, generally in adult life. The ICD10 codifies it as L05.-, inside of skin and subcutaneous tissue infections. The congenital pilonidal defect should have been codified in Q82.- : "Other skin congenital malformations", even when it is excluded in explicit way: Pilonidal cist or sinus [L05.-].
Stigma of the Buendia in One hundred years of solitude, of Gabriel García Márquez, Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 1969, can be considered as a pilonidal appendix, recognized in the family as "pig's tail".



Image 1. Photo 1 pilonidal sinus with pilonidal tail, 2,3,4 pilonidal appendix of varied shapes, 3 cases (Tails). Image 6. 3 cases of pilonidal sinuses.