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Congenital Abnormalities

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Abnormalities of the Implantation of the Ears - Agnathia Otocephaly

As there are no objective clinical criteria (although there are anthropometric means) for the def...

Ear anomalies

In the newborn, in clinical practice and for the purpose of ICD10, all anomalies are of the exter...

Ear Deformities

Alterations on the shape of normal ear relieves without absences nor lack of fusions. Deletion, o...

Ear malformation - Microtia/Anotia

- Ear Malformation : absence, hypoplasia or lack of fusion of any part (specify) of the ear pinna...

Earlobe cleft - Marked lobe

Earlobe cleft: reaching the point to simulate two lobes in the same ear.
Marked Lobe: Depr...


Large ear, with all his reliefs present.

Preauricular tags

Skin tags on the ear or around it.