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Congenital Abnormalities

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Abnormalities of the Implantation of the Ears - Agnathia Otocephaly » Ear Q17.4 / Q18.2


As there are no objective clinical criteria (although there are anthropometric means) for the definition of normality in the implantation of the ears, consider as low-set ears only extreme cases, for whom you have no doubts.
It is classified by ICD10 out of chapter XVII, with other malformations of the branchial clefts [K07.1 e K07.2] because the mandible derives from the lower branch of the first branchial arch.
This is the reason why ICD10 includes otocephaly in chapter XVI [Q18.2], as another brachial arch anomaly.



4 cases with agnathia. Photo 1 and 2 with low-set ears and 3 and 4 with otocephaly.