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Ear malformation - Microtia/Anotia » Ear Q16.0 - Q17.2


- Ear Malformation : absence, hypoplasia or lack of fusion of any part (specify) of the ear pinnae.;

Anotia/microtia: a congenital malformation characterized by absent parts of the pinna (with or without atresia of the ear canal) commonly expressed in grades (I IV) of which the extreme form (grade IV) is anotia, absence of pinna.
Excl. small, normally shaped ears, imperforate auditory meatus with a normal pinna, dysplastic and low set ears.

Microtia I:all parts are recognized
Microtia II: only a cord (the helix border) is left
Microtia III: only loose unidentifiable parts
Microtia IV: Anotia: absent ear
Microtia, unspecified type



Image 1 Photo 1 to 9= Grade I Photo 10= borderline I-II Image 2 Photo 11 to 15= Grade II Photo 16= borderline II-III Photo 17 = Grade III Photo 18= borderline III-IV Photo 19 e 20= Grade IV. Image 3: Microtia I. Image 4: Microtia II. Image 5:Microtia II