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Congenital Abnormalities

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Hand preaxial polydactyly » Fingers Q69.1


Polydactyly, preaxial: extra digit/s on the radial side (1st or 2nd fingers) of the upper limb or the tibial side (1st or 2nd toes) of the lower limb. It can affect the hand, the foot, or both.
Includes duplication of the thumb and 2nd finger.
Thumb duplications are more frequent in mongolian races, such as Amerindians.
Second finger duplications are very rare, mostly of autosomal dominant inheritance {OMIM 174600}, and they are also called the Scipio the African type.



Photo 1. Extra finger, pedunculated and necrotic due to torsion of the attaching pedicule. 2. Extra finger, pedunculated, without nail. 3. Extra finger, pedunculated, with nail. 4. Extra finger, pedunculated, with nail.