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Congenital Abnormalities

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Congenital Foot Deformities Talipes / Clubfoott » Foot Q66.-


Although rare, the clubfoot is difficult to define, confused with normal position of the foot of the newborn. This requires a detailed description of the deformities of the foot. See definitions below. Do not write "clubfoot" because it is imprecise.
Despite their frequency, club feet are not easy to define, as they can often be mistakenly considered as the normal position of the newborn´s foot. Do not use incomplete descriptions, such as club foot. Use talipes or equinovarus [Q66.0], talovalgus [Q66.4], cavus [Q66.7], or rockerbottom foot [Q66.8], etc.



Image 1: 3 cases with talipes talovalgus. Image 2: One case with bilateral talipes equinovarus. Image 3: Three cases with talipes equinovarus.