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Congenital Abnormalities

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OEIS complex (*) [Q87.8] [Not mentioned in ICD10] » Genitals Q87.8


Is a malformative complex in which the exstrophy of the bladder and/or cloacae may be present, as well as omphalocele, ano-rectal atresia, and spina biida or severe abnormality of the spine.
(*) O: Omphalocele; E: Exstrophy of the cloacae or bladder, I: Imperforate anus; S: Spinal defect.
OEIS complex is not mentioned in ICD10, forcing us to code it as "other syndromes with specified congenital malformations, not classified elsewhere" [Q87.8].
However, OEIS should not be defined as an input code but as the result of analyzing the involved malformations (output), and this should also be done with the VATER association [Q87.2].
SEE ALSO Q64.1 & Q89.8 & Q43.7.



Three cases of OEIS complex.