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Congenital Abnormalities

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Hypospadias » Genitals Q54.-


A congenital malformation characterized by the opening of the urethra on the ventral side of the penis, distally to the sulcus. Incl. penile, scrotal, and perineal hypospadias. Excl. glandular or first degree hypospadias and ambiguous genitalia (intersex or pseudohermaphroditism).
The site through which the newborn urinates (opening of the meatus) should be observed and described: balanic, glandular or coronal [Q54.0], penile [Q54.1] (indicating the body of the penis, as all hypospadias are "penile"), penile-scrotal [Q54.2], perineal [Q54.3], with chordee [Q54.4], others [Q54.8], not specified [Q54.9].


Excludes ambiguous genitalia (intersex or pseudohermaphroditism) [Q54.-].


Photo 1 and 2. Balanic hypospadias Q54.0 3. Penile hypospadias Q54.1 4. Penile-scrotal hypospadias Q54.2 5.and 6 Perineal hypospadias Q54.3.