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Congenital Abnormalities

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Ambiguous Genitalia - Indeterminate sex » Genitals Q56.4


Genital ambiguity at birth that does not readily allow for phenotypic sex determination. Includes male or female true or pseudohermaphroditism.
1. Small penis, bifid scrotum, meatus seems to be located at the base of the penis, where it joins the scrotal raphe.
2. Bifid scrotum: scrotal sacks are separated by the penile body which seems to be embedded in the groove.
3. Hypertrophic clitoris. Small labia minora and narrow vaginal opening.
4- Bifid scrotum Absent or hypoplastic penis.
5. Absent phallus. The urinary meatus seems to be located in a medial groove located between two scrotal sacks. Bifid scrotum with abnormal pigmentation and furrowing. Hydrocele?
6. Small, deeply pigmented and furrowed scrotum. Cryptorchidism. Dorsal cleft of the foreskin.