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Congenital Abnormalities

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Encephalocele » Head Q01.-


A congenital malformation characterized by herniation of the brain and/or meninges through a defect in the skull. Encephalocele is not counted when present with spina bifida.
Image 1
1. Naso-frontal or ethmoidal cephalocele Q01.1
2.Frontal cephalocele Q01.0
3.Parieto-occipital cephalocele Q01.8
4.Occipital cephalocele Q01.2
5. Parietal cephalocele
6. Parietal cephalocele and exencephaly
Image 2 and 3
2 cases of naso-frontal or ethmoidal cephalocele.
Image 4 and 5
2 cases with ethmoidal-ocular cephalocele.


Cephaloceles are not considered if associated with anencephaly [Q00.-]. The 4th digit specifies location: frontal [Q01.0], nasofrontal [Q01.1], occipital [Q01.2], other [Q01.8], not specified [Q01.9].