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Congenital Abnormalities

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Hip dislocation » Hip Q65.3 - Q65.4 - Q65.5 - Q65.6


In the preluxated hip, the femoral head is within the acetabulum, but luxable by forced maneuvers.
It can be considered as:
Congenital hip sub-dislocation: unilateral [Q65.3], bilateral [Q65.4], or of unspecified side [Q65.5], or unstable or luxable hip Q65.6.
It is frequent, and usually not associated with other malformations.
It should be treated posturally by hip abduction.
Only after three months of age is expressed radiologically as hip dysplasia.
Hip ultrassonography, when available, determines the depth of the acetabulum, which is a valid complement to the neonatal diagnosis of hip sub-dislocation, which is mainly clinical.
The head of the femur is located within the acetabulum but it may be dislocated by applying the Ortolani maneuver. Radiologically it may be evidenced as hip dysplasia only after 3 months of age. Sometimes it can be diagnosed with US in the newborn.
It requires postural therapy.
It is frequent and rarely associates with other malformations.



NO PHOTO because of lack of visual expression of this defect.