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Congenital Abnormalities

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Rigid Hip » Hip Q65.0 - Q65.1 - Q65.2


In the true dislocation of the hip, the femoral head is outside the acetabulum at the time of birth, not being able to perform the Ortolani nor Barlow's maneuver because the hip is stiff.
Congenital hip dislocation, unilateral [Q65.0], bilateral [Q65.1], o of unspecified side [Q65.2].
There are radiological evidences in the newborn.
It is rare, and usually in association with other malformations.
It should be treated surgically.


Based on X-ray and US evidences in the newborn. It requires surgery. It is rare and almost always associated with other malformations.


1 Bilateral rigidity 2 Right rigidity 3 Left shortening 4 Left dislocation 5 Left stiffness.