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Congenital Abnormalities

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Limb reduction defects - Longitudinal Pre-axial » Limbs Q71.4 - Q72.5


Defect reduction in radio [Q71.4] and / or tibiae [Q72.5], and fingers at the radial / tibial edge.
Photos [Q71.4]
Image 1
1 e 4. Thumb hypoplasia and forearm deformity due to absence of the radius.
2. Absence of the thumb and hypoplasia of finger 2.
3. Pedunculated and disarticulated thumb.
Photos [Q72.5]
Image 6
2 cases of tibial hypoplasia with leg and foot deformity
Image 9
Xray from one case with absence or hypoplasia of the left tibiae.


Longitudinal-preaxial limb reduction defect in O'Rahilly's classification.