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Congenital Abnormalities

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Limb reduction defects » Limbs Q71.- Q72.- Q73.-


A congenital malformation characterized by total or partial ABSENCE or severe hypoplasia of skeletal structures of the limbs. Includes. Femoral hypoplasia [Q72.5].
Excludes. mild hypoplasia with normal shape of skeletal parts, brachydactyly, finger or toe reduction directly associated with syndactyly [Q70.-], skeletal dysplasia [Q77.-],and sirenomelia. [Q87.2].


Describe the affected limb. Do not use wrong terms, such as phocomelia [Q71.1; Q72.1; Q73.1], or confusing terms, such as hemimelia [Q73.8], ectrodactyly [Q73.8], etc.


Design and Synoptic outline of Limb Reduction Defects (LRD) by O'Rahilly (1961).