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Congenital Abnormalities

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Sirenomelia » Lower limbs Q87.2


Different degrees of fusion of the lower limbs grouped into 7 types of semi-continuous progressive severity by Stocker & Heifetz, 1987
These types can help in describing the anomaly with few words.
There is no specific code in ICD10; and it must be coded as Q87.2 "congenital malformation syndromes predominantly affecting limbs. "
Most cases have bilateral renal agenesis, affecting post-natal survival and impairing prenatal diagnosis because of the resulting oligoamnios.
In 2004 a girl with sirenomelia type I, was born in Peru, she had not renal agenesis neither other abnormalities. Her name is Milagros, after her legs were separated she was able to walk. Her case was widely broadcasted by international media.
Image 1
Diagram of the 7 types of sirenomelia by Stocker & Heifetz.
Image 2
Photos 1-2 Type I
3-4-5 Type II
6-7 Type III
Image 10
Photos 1-2 Type IV
3-4 Type V
5-6 Type VI
7-8 Type VII
Image 19
4 photos of Milagros, with Sirenomelia type I.