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Congenital Abnormalities

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See hypertrophy of lingual tie.

Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate

Cleft of the lip and/or cleft of the palate.
Excludes Robin syndrome [Q87.0]...

Cleft lip with cleft palate

Cleft of the lip and palate.
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Cleft lip with or without cleft palate

A congenital malformation characterized by partial or complete clefting of the upper lip, with or...

Cleft lip without cleft palate

Cleft of the lip.
Excludes cleft lip with cleft palate [Q37.-],

Cleft palate without cleft lip

A congenital malformation characterized by a closure defect of the hard and/or soft palate behind...

Congenital Tooth

Tooth natal, neonatal or congenital, may be hard or soft, in this case be confused with lymphangi...

Cyst or lingual hamartoma

Cysts or rounded tumors on the dorsum or edges of the tongue.


Fibromatous, and encapsulated benign tumor the of gum, pedunculated or not.

Gengivolabial Bands

Fibrous bands joining the gum mucossae with that of the lips and / or cheeks.


Disproportionately large tomgue for the oral cavity, producing its extra oral. protrusion.


The macrostomia, along with the preauricular tags and pits, is the group of abnormalities of the ...

Pit of the lower lip

Para-medial sinus, pit or fistula of the lower lip that when epithelized forms a mucous cyst. Lip...


Sublingual para—medial cysts due to epithelized closure of the ostium of salival glands.