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Congenital Abnormalities

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Cleft palate without cleft lip » Mouth Q35.-


A congenital malformation characterized by a closure defect of the hard and/or soft palate behind the foramen incisivum without cleft lip. Incl. submucous cleft palate. Excl. cleft palate with cleft lip, cleft uvula, functional short palate, and high narrow palate.
Although laterality of the cleft palate is specified in ICD10, it is irrelevant, since the vomer fuses randomly, if at all, with any of the two palatal shelves.
Q35.6 Median cleft palate
Excludes cleft palate with cleft lip [Q37.-], absence of the uvula, arched palate, short functional and high and narrow palate (arched) [Q38.5].
See Directed Semiology: flashlight series.



No photo for Q35.1 cleft of hard palate Image 1 Q35.3 Photo 1 to 3 incomplete CP 4 to 6 complete CP. Image 2 Photos 1 a 7 complete CP Image 3 Q35.7 uvula.