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Macrostomia » Mouth Q18.4


The macrostomia, along with the preauricular tags and pits, is the group of abnormalities of the trago- oral line. Macrostomia is recognized by the asymmetry of the mouth and / or abnormal shape of the couth corners.
Macrostomia is not to be understood as a synonym for big mouth because they are both dysmorphologically very different.
It can be recognized as an asymmetric mouth with an abnormally shaped corner and often other closure defects of the upper and lower branches of the first branchial arch, such as tags, pits, microtia, or facial asymmetry.
Macrostomia, preauricular pits and tags, comprise the group of closure defects at the line between tragus and mouth corner.
Macrostomia should not be considered as a synonym for large mouth, as the term might suggest, since both features are dysmorphologically very different.
1 Macrostomia left. Punched out corner of mouth and same- sided microtia.
2. Macrostomia left. Corner of mouth displaced, with skin tag in corner.
3. Macrostomia right. Right corner of mouth punched out.
4. Bilateral macrostomia. Broad corners of mouth and left skin tag.