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Congenital Abnormalities

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Cleft lip without cleft palate » Mouth Q36.-


Cleft of the lip.
Excludes cleft lip with cleft palate [Q37.-],
ICD10 includes median cleft lip [Q36.1], although it should belong to the holoprosencephaly spectrum. SEE Q18.8. because it does not fit the dysmorphologic definition: "Para-median clefts of the upper lip at the level of the fusion between the upper branch of the first branchial arch and the philtrum, which is the extreme of the frontonasal process".
Image 1
Photo 1,2,3: Q36.9 Unilateral healed CL
Image 2
Q36.9 Unilateral CL Photo 1,2,3: Incomplete 4: Complete
Image 3
Q36.0 Bilateral CL
Photo 1,2 Complete.
Image 4
Q36.1 LL Medial
Photo 1,2: Incomplete 3: Complete 4: Complete with bifid nose.