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Congenital Abnormalities

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Pit of the lower lip » Mouth Q38.0


Para-medial sinus, pit or fistula of the lower lip that when epithelized forms a mucous cyst. Lip printing can be a simple, noninvasive way to document this abnormality.
ICD10 lacks a specific code and considers them as lip anomalies not classified elsewhere [Q38.0].
Lower lip pits in patients with oral clefts or their relatives suggests the diagnosis of Van der Woude syndrome {OMIM 119300}, which is the most frequent syndrome among oral cleft cases.
Image 1
Photo 1 Bilateral lower lip pit with bilateral cleft lip and palate. [Q37.4 e Q38.0].
2 Right lower lip pit without clefts [Q38.0].
3 Bilateral lower lip pit with cleft of soft palate. [Q35.3 e Q38.0].
Image 2
Photo 1: Normal lip print.
2: Labial impression with verticiles due to pits.