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Congenital Abnormalities

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Webbed neck - Pterygium of joints » Neck Q18.3


Webbed neck, pterygium neck or redundant skin in the back of the neck at birth are remnants of a nuchal hygroma in the intrauterine period, partially or completely reduced before birth. If not, the nuchal hygroma will be present at birth.

Pterygium of joints, it is articulate pterygium, to be differentiated from pterygium of the eye, simply called pterygium (anomalous growth of tissue on the cornea) [Q13.4]. It is the presence of soft tissue, skin and subcutaneous tissue in the flexion face of one or more joints ranging from an interphalangeal joint to the neck (Pterygium Colli [Q18.3]), or the coxo-femoral joint (crural pterygium).



Image 1 Webbed neck or neck pterygium Image 2 Neck hygroma Image 3 1.Web extending from ischium to ankle 2. Elbow and axillary pterygium 3. Axillary pterygium. Image 7. Photos 1 and 2 crural pterygium. Photo 3 Popliteal pterygium.