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Congenital Abnormalities

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Hemangioma » Skin Q82.5


All hemangiomas that because of its intensity, size or location may be considered abnormal, is a congenital anomaly. Specify-Number, Size, Location, Color and Texture (normal, wrinkled, lumpy, etc).
Vascular macules, or nevus flammeus neonatorum, or salmon stain, are not vascular malformations. These lesions are flat, pink, with irregular edge, They disappear with pressure, and color increases when the child cries. It is located on the glabella, eyelids, neck and nasal ala. Unlike the vascular malformations disappear with time. Only some in the neck may remain but its tone decreases with age.
Vascular malformations.
Port wine stains are composed of mature capillaries confined to the dermis, containing an increased number of vessels that become progressively ectatic with age, and this is correlated with changes in color from pink to bright purple. This anomaly may be associated with Sturge-Weber syndrome [Q85.8] {OMIM 185300}.
Image 1
Table explaining how to differentiate between vascular malformations and hemangiomas.
Facial hemangiomas.
Image 4
1. Midfacial flat hemangioma with verrucous erythema
2. Midfacial flat hemangioma
3, 5. Port wine flat hemifacial hemangioma.
4. Port wine tuberous hemangioma
6. Port wine tuberous hemangioma of the inferior eyelid.