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Congenital Abnormalities

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Pigmented nevus » Skin D22.-


All congenital hyper-or hypopigmented nevus should be considered as a congenital anomaly, with the exception of common Mongolian spots. Specify-Number, Size, Location, Color and Texture (normal, wrinkled, hairy, etc.).
Small pigmented nevus can be seen as harmless, regardless all pigmented nevus have high risk to become malignant in adulthood.
Excludes: Lentigo [L81.4], Café au lait spots [L81.3], [D22.-] Naevus NOS, Naevus araneo [I78.1], Naevus stellar [I78.1], Naevus melanocytic [D22.-], Pigmented naevus [D22.-].



Photos 1. 2. 3. Multiple, epidermal black nevi, with partially hyperkeratotic surface 4. Cafe au lait macules 5. Single black nevus involving one finger. Image 7. Hairy nevus in the frontal region.