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Congenital Abnormalities

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Foot postaxial polydactyly and Other foot polydactylies » Toes Q69.9


Polydactyly, postaxial: extra digit/s on the cubital side (5st or 4th fingers) of the upper limb or the fibular side (5st or 4th toes) of the lower limb. It can affect the hand, the foot, or both.
Foot postaxial polydactyly
See notes of Q69.0.
Other foot polydactylies
In high levels of duplication, the digital rays in hands or feet always have a mirror-like distribution, with fifth fingers on both borders of the hand or foot.



Image 1. 4 cases with 5th toe duplication. Image 6. Photo 1. Foot with high degree of duplication, with 8 toes with mirror-like distribution and absence of hallux 2. Foot with 7 toes due to duplication of the 1st and 5th.